Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stan's Donuts in Santa Clara, Be Careful it's Very Hot


Stan's Donuts lives up to Local folklore

Hot Donuts, Cooling Down for Your PleasureThe Menu

On any given morning you can take a drive by Stan's Donuts and there you should find some serious breakfast treats. Among them:

Stan's Dont's:

Finally, they kicked us out for bringing our own coffee, so I'd like to thank Armadillo Willy's for providing us a place to enjoy Hot Donuts, Taco Bell for providing Pepsi for those who needed more caffeine and Quizno's who sold bottled water. This is one mini mall that had it all.

Sometimes there's nothing better than fresh, hot donut not made by Krispy Kreme and Stan's delivers. They may not be #1 in customer service but their donuts are top notch and made by hand, so bring your own beverages and plan on taking them to go or sitting outside.

Where's your favorite Donut shop? hit my comments.

Hello! I live by Stans but never been in there to try it. Sometimes I go by and there's no donuts so that may be why I never tried it but I think I might go by and tray again.

Have you tried the donut wheel on De Anza north of Steven's Creek? They're Open 24hrs and their donuts are nice and fresh and yummy too!
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